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Catalyst is the most flexible and scalable solution available
for customer referrals and the below add-ons can be used
to expand and customize your engagement efforts.

Engagement Boosters

Brand engagement is more than creating a welcoming environment. It’s about building a brand that customers and employees love telling others about. Through Catalyst, you can plan and implement proven strategies to get referrals. Here are some top ways to get started.

Branded Mobile Applications

Boost engagement program adoption rates with a branded mobile app (iOS & Android) and even provide a ‘Welcome Aboard Reward’ for downloading.

Chat with Program Advocates & Member Forums

Empower users to share specific products, including products in their carts, sharing their voices & experiences to remove hesitation from buyers.

Influencer Event RSVP

Incentivize local influencers with cash rewards to boost attendance and register for events while helping to promote them within their spheres of influence.

Onboarding Specific Engagement Activities

Tap into the power of community by rewarding other members for helping ‘onboard’ new members, getting them up to speed and promoting your brand faster.

Custom Integrations

A key to strengthening a company’s brand and gaining more sales to integrate engagement in ways that make it easy to refer others. Below are a few of the key ways we suggest starting
e-Sign Tracking for W9 Forms

Add an eSignature integration and incentivize the completion of needed documents from employees, including w9 forms.

Receipt Uploading for Influencer codes

Have your customers upload their receipts from offline purchases to capture and reward referrers via their unique influencer codes.

Branded Lead Submission forms

Make it easy for users to refer others submissions when we manage lead submission forms and capture all the details automatically filled in the forms for complete tracking

Embeddable Modules for More Touchpoints

Streamline and connect users to your brand and each other with embeddable modules for all your touchpoints.

Specialty Incentives

Gathering data and aligning your engagement with incentives that make everyone want to participate is key. Here are some ways to create that unique touch for continued & successful referral engagement.
Multi-Level Commission plan

Get power users to make committed efforts to building a network of active referrers by assigning residual rewards for any sale referred through the network

Partner Organization Rewarding

Engage partner organizations and teams by having referrers attributed upon sign up and offer reward credits to the organizations for the performance of their associated referrals.

Branded Physical Rewards w/Drop Shipping

Build brand awareness and free up at least 20 hours a week with automated drop shipping of branded physical rewards.


Personalize rewards and incentives to regions making them more relatable and motivating for the users.

Align your company, your team, and your individual customers to foster a company culture that generates greater excellence.


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