The Best Companies Use Our Solution to Find Quality Referrals!

Well over 300 global enterprise-level companies have used NextBee’s cutting edge software to improve the quality and quantity of their engagement efforts.


Using the various proven engagement modules (gamification, referrals, loyalty, etc.), limitless commission-free rewards, and AI automated personalization that is available from our platform our clients are able to create a fun program that their users enjoy using from anywhere.


Our platform continually provides clients with the data they need to find new opportunities for improving any type of engagement and marketing initiatives so they can quickly drive higher levels of overall company success.


Please let us know how we can help you with your engagement efforts.

NextBee has been tremendous in putting in place all the variables for us to be successful!”
Mary Veloske, Vice President
Top Companies Use NextBee to Generate Quality Referrals!
NextBee has been leading the way for effective referral programs for the past decade. Companies trust our experience, cutting edge technology, and consultative approach to help them find new customers and get a return faster.

Motivating Your Workforce is Necessary and Profitable

According to a Gallup study, membership organizations who were heavily focused on member engagement outperformed other organizations in many categories, including:


higher member recruitment


higher community involvement


higher organization involvement


fewer “member” issues

Separate your organization from the perception of being a faceless entity. Help members feel appreciated. Catalyst by NextBee has taken its decade-plus worth of experience and created the cutting edge streamlined and focused solution that provides a turn-key customer engagement solution. One which creates excitement and loyal members.

Case Study: Learning A-Z

Learning A-Z(part of Cambium Learning Group) is a leading education technology company. Learning A-Z came to NextBee wanting to create a powerful referral program that seamlessly integrated with their unique tech stack.

  • NextBee seamlessly integrated to track referral conversion at multiple client sales channels.
  • Implemented custom referral codes with two-way rewards.
  • Created Branded Referral Dashboard for referrers to share and track conversion

Case Study: Follett

Follett is the nation’s leading provider of a variety of educational products to schools, colleges, and public libraries. Their key requirement was to create a seamless experience for their members and allow for reward credit redemption for their own products.

  • Integrated branded program seamlessly within existing member portal.
  • Allowed redemption of reward credit to be seamlessly redeemed via eCommerce site
  • Integrated with custom in-house systems to track transaction data.

Case Study: Legrand

Legrand is one the largest manufacturer of switches and sockets in the world with 20% of the global market share in 2020. With a complex sales channel, Legrand wanted to leverage NextBee’s platform to provide reward credit based on user hierarchy.

  • Created multiple levels of user hierarchy and reward/payout structure.
  • Personalized program dashboard based on user type.
  • Branded mobile app with resource access
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