Grow Your Membership Organization

Turn organization members into brand ambassadors when you quickly engage your members with instant recognition, personalized rewards, and other gamification modules that make them enjoy being a part of your organization and its mission.


Of members said they stayed with a organization when communication was great.


Of members said they would come back to organizations they felt connected & part of.


Of members are more likely to promote organization they felt recognized & rewarded from.

Create A Referring Culture

Catalyst by NextBee not only boosts referrals but it builds loyalty too as your members earn acknowledgment and rewards for their social sharing, community efforts, and more. Member engagement can easily be set up & is flexible when it comes to defining rules and incorporating fun features.

Grow Your Member Base & Increase Loyalty

From recruiting new members to celebrating an organization’s culture – engaged members stay members longer and become great ambassadors for your organization’s brand. Organizations use Catalyst to drive referrals, reduce attrition, automate ambassador creation/onboarding processes, and more.

Effective Organization Member Engagement Starts with Proven Methods.

Recognition & Communication Modules
Exclusive Customer Promotion & Incentives Modules
Community Building Gamification Modules
Incentivized Idea & Feedback Modules

Easy to Setup & Flexible to Run

Easily define rules/goals and incorporate game features to boost member activity, reward and recognize top members, and track progress.

Reduce Member Churn, Boost Connections

Gamification helps members stay connected with other organization fans, motivates members with individual recognition, and encourages interaction with the organization, each other, and their community all of which boosts retention.

Unlimited Rewards

Reward members for their continued referral efforts by offering incentives from either in-house rewards or through nearly 200 gift card vendor options.

Reduce Overhead with Commission Free Rewards

We never take a commission on rewards and with our flexible redemption rules, you can motivate members to redeem rewards faster, both of which save you even more money.

Boost Member Engagement & Referrals

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Align your company, your team, and your individual customers to foster a company culture that generates greater excellence.


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